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The corresponding period of profit of quarter of Shi Taibo of office things shop

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[Hui Cong manages network of general articles for use] According to the world 3 days of report of Shi Taibo company of United States of shopkeeper of things of the biggest office says, suffer American economy to put delay influence, small business client is cut office furniture and office things expenditure, this this company money year its gain compares the 2nd quarter on year the corresponding period drops 16 % .

Be in up to the financial quarter August 2 in, 1 of profit of Shi Taibo company. 50.2 billion dollar, amount to every 21 cent, what anticipate with wall street analyst is consistent; Go up year of the corresponding period 1 of this company profit. 78.8 billion dollar, amount to every 25 cent.

In addition, company of history peaceful rich is when season sale 50. 700 million dollar, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 18 % , profit from of sale increase part handles official bussiness to be bought with what taste an enterprise to a Holand. If not plan buy an influence, sale amplitude is 3 % . The computer of this company notebook, ink that print and the sale that the technology serves a field are driving, the part is strong touched computer of office furniture, table, printer and digital camera to sell fatigued and weak influence.

When Ji Shitai sale of retailing shop of rich company North America drops 1 % , north America and Europe all drop with inn sale 7 % . The sale that be the same as inn points to practice one year the sale of the shop of above, it is to measure retail business to last the crucial index of operation outstanding achievement.

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