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PLUS is carried newest 10 paper make office product send force China market

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[Hui Cong manages network of general articles for use] Recently, things of stationery of Japanese famous office produces a tycoon -- limited company of stationery of Shanghai Hanhong Pu Leshi (PLUS) in Shanghai new international reads extensively the center holds 2008 trade fair of things of the 102nd China culture and China International. The key recommends articles for use of 10 newest office market of intercurrent cloth China develops the strategy, aim to be mixed with high quality product advanced technique, for Chinese user creation better office lives.

10 when be about to appear on the market formally in Chinese market newest paper make office set use second birth base paper to make, among them CD box, calling card arranges box of archives of Shuang Kongga of box, A3, laminating Shuang Kongga, laminating, laminating flexibly 8 products such as puissant clip and puissant clip use adjustable clip, laminating base paper of Japanese entrance second birth, 2 products such as clip of economy odd reel and economy pocket use the high-quality base paper that purchases in Chinese home. They already color is rich, have decorous simple sense, protect an environment, also help an user arrange the data in perfect orderly, improve efficiency, pleasurable, daily office no longer as dry as a chip and drab. The new concept of little writing material is born at this point!

Mr Zhongdaocong shows general manager of limited company of stationery of Shanghai Hanhong Pu Leshi, hi-tech is brought high-powered, through the brand reliable technology supports, pu Leshi is gone after and affirmatory product is had extremely tall practical, will " use relaxed, handy, not easy exhaustion " one of main function that serve as a product, mature whole designs balanced feeling, product appearance find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, use an in use touch, hearing times feeling is cozy, arouse cheerful mood by cozy feeling.

Plastic products photograph compares products of Pu Leshi paper and PP, weight light, tactility is very good, cold-resistant sex, be able to bear or endure wet sex is first-rate also, more agree with presswork, its durable sex in be being used actually is very good also. Especially product of Pu Leshi star -- paper makes folder, product of paper of second birth of use environmental protection, bound clip can repeat again use, usable pencil writes ticket, can revise label to repeat recycle, after saving fixed number of year to pass, do not need divisional file and folder but direct recycle, can solve a space to be not worth a problem, do not waste the space with custodial data.

It is reported, at present Hanhong Pu Leshi basically is aimed at what already was used to use paper to make folder to be in in Chinese market China day endowment enterprise. Next, because Pu Leshi paper makes folder use second birth base paper, can discard together with the file directly, beardless and divisional discard, the enterprise that applies to attestation of the ISO9001 that pays attention to environmental problem, ISO14001 as much and factory are used. Henceforth cause client group include the unit such as Chinese home company, school, hospital, government organization. Already was in Shanghai in succession at present with Beijing office building of 40 high office holds product make one's rounds 60 to exhibit an activity. According to divulging, develop as the acceleration of channel market, user market, share of market of Pu Leshi China already took a company 2007 the overseas market share of 2% , predict to grew implementation the sale target to share of 20% overseas markets 2010.

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