Dragonfly pencil rolls out glue of ball-pen type liquid

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Dragonfly pencil (headquarters: Tokyo) will appear on the market on July 7, 2008 the glue of ball-pen type liquid that accepts metal, glass and colophony product can be stuck on paper “AQUAPiT puissant PenType” (graph 1) . Stick those who receive composition to be ten MPa·s, fluid of low agglutinant in suspension is formed in the dispersion in water by particle of polymer of accept rice class, because this is sizy,can arrange flow to go out from the nib of diametical 1mm. The price is 189 yen (contain tax) .

Ball-pen type liquid is sizy

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This product is in the pen core infuse of ball-pen 0.9g is sizy. Press on paper approach pen point, glue can be poured out of, can make an appointment with the drop record of 1mm with the diameter, perhaps make an appointment with 1mm wide linear daub is sizy. When be not being used, helix bedspring squashs the ball of front to inside, from this sealed.

Stick receive composition to be fluid of in suspension of colophony of alkyl of water-solubility make water. The endophilicity that waits for inorganic material with metal and glass is very tall. Accordingly, the action of molecular force is stronger, can stick the office before receiving in order to to cannot stick received goods adequately with glue. Because use,the design from cross-linking undertakes below normal temperature, evaporate as moisture accordingly, can produce cross-linking reaction, form stick accept film (graph 2) . Can support a variety of surface form.

This glue because viscosity is inferior, because this is being stuck easily,receive diffuse on the object, use anchorage solid effect to stick receive go up in object article (graph 3) . In the metal kind, glass kind, plastic kind of paper when “ was being achieved to come off on article ” of meeting cracked intensity. This product is alkalescent, although be saved for a long time, stick receive an object to send Huang Huo ageing not easily also. Accord with safety of toy of Europe of —— of infant safety standard to set EN71-PART3.