Profit of the 2nd quarter reduces supplier of beautiful the biggest stationery 1

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The money that releases according to Staples Zhousan signs up for data to show, this United States is the biggest profit of net profit of the 2nd quarter is stationery supplier 150.2 million dollar (amount to every gain 21 cent) , relatively last year the 178.8 million dollar of the corresponding period (amount to every gain 25 cent) decreased 16% . Sale criterion relatively the 4.29 billion dollar of the corresponding period rose last year 18% to 5.07 billion dollar.

The road appears Shangmusen the quarterly profit that the analyst makes to this company is forecasted for 21 cent every, sale is forecasted for 4.69 billion dollar. The real data of the company exceeds an analyst to forecast in sale respect, gain respect and forecast consistent.

The 2nd quarter is the same as Staples inn sale drops 7% , because of going out client amount decreases, the sale drama of the commodity such as camera of computer of furniture, table, printer, number is decreased.