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The Shi Taibo of office things distributors with the greatest whole world and the Fuzhou City sign intent book, hopeful establishs in horn of northwest of square of treasure dragon town " one-stop " center of office things sale.

8 days, mayor Zheng Songyan interviews Shitaibo in Xiamen (China) carry of Jin Weiguo of president of investment limited company, United States tells the person such as Jiang Dawei of company vice president, the reporter understands afore-mentioned situations.

Make up for Fujian " office supermarket " blank

Company of history peaceful rich is founded 1986, it is the office things with the at present greatest whole world retail sell business with cent, alive bound each district has supermarket of things of more than 2100 office and office things to sell a center. Shi Taibo row 2007 " fortune " the whole world that the magazine announces 500 strong companies the 397th.

"Small to ink box paper, desk chair arrives in, manage fair facility to complete set greatly, shi Taibo sold limits to cover all office furniture and office articles for use almost, of domain of things of this kind of office one-stop sell kind, still belong to blank in Fujian at present. " chief tells a reporter related bureau of the classics outside the Fuzhou City.

Personnel tells a reporter related Shi Taibo, since entering Chinese market, shi Taibo is adjusting product structure all the time, add the product of high-tech, high additional cost, in order to avoid as coessential as this locality enterprise spend competition. Current, this company already began to march product of IT, software, the domain such as environmental protection furniture.

Take a fancy to Fuzhou position of Hai Xilong head

Jin Weiguo expresses, choose Fuzhou, it is to value Fuzhou to be in on one hand channel on the west the bibcock radiate position of bank economy area, on the other hand, also value the work efficiency with Fuzhou municipal Party committee, efficient municipal government. "This year first half of the year, gold protects the group such as country and its assistant, come for many times early or late Fuzhou undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, finally, protocol of their optional location at stage river horn of northwest of square of Ou Baolong town. " concerned personage discloses.

As we have learned, rose 2004, shi Taibo establishs sale site in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, year sale amount achieves 30 billion yuan of RMBs. This, shi Taibo extends the market Fujian again. "Want amount to to measure tremendous business client, institution and government organization to offer scientific and efficient administration office to purchase a service, the situation of sale center is very fundamental, and the Fuzhou that regards provincial capital center as the city has this one advantage. " the respect expresses Shitaibo.