Happy beautiful partner is allied 2008 supplier congress " hold in Shanghai

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On September 6, 2008, 7 days, sponsor by happy beautiful group " Lemei's partner is allied 2008 supplier congress " in Shanghai Qing Qing travels the world is held ceremoniously. Come from headquarters of happy beautiful group, Shanghai the main leader of factory of factory, elder brother mountain and clear far factory and 159 industry leaders that come from 110 suppliers in all nearly 200 people attended this second plenary meeting.

The conference with " cooperate hand in hand, win-win future " give priority to a problem, concern with both sides of manufacturer of close supply and demand, build partner alliance, make high grade, efficient stationery industry supply catenary to be a target hand in hand.

President of happy beautiful group, president Mr Huang Xiaoxi was made " strategy of happy beautiful group develops a report " , released happy beautiful group to be in the management strategy goal of new period, to can prop up the implementation of strategic goal, happy beauty will be strengthened energetically swim with fluctuation the client's relation, establish new-style partner relationship with each supplier, make a high grade, efficient stationery industry supply chain jointly, implementation China stationery moves toward the grand target of the world. For this, happy beautiful group also brings into supplier group " happy beautiful partner is allied " inside frame, establish supplier partner organization, execute at the same time new with " collaboration, service " the supplier government policy that is core, implement new supplier drive measure, cooperate hand in hand, win-win did not come!

The supplier partner that splendid speech of Huang Dong makes attend the meeting is excited extremely, the yock of the heart of applause peace conference that prolonged does not cease often is given out below the stage.

Shanghai Le Meiliu Le Meixia of total, Guangdong total, Kun Shanle is beautiful Wang Zong parts " supplier management is politic " undertook specific elaborate. Supplier delegate also appears on the stage to make a speech, talked about their impressions and the expectation to happy beautiful group, watch palpability strengthens cooperation, hand in hand the determination of win-win future.

In later held outstanding supplier awards prize ceremonially, issued outstanding supplier award award of 10 name, stand together regardless of situation award of 3 name, quality 1, will be the same as a boat with Le Meifeng rain for years in all the supplier representing of advance and retreat are on the stage that receive award, huang Dong awards prize for delegate of bear the palm personally.

Supply chain management cooperation to strengthen, plenary meeting is special still invited Taiwan famous supplied chain administration expert to undertake special subject grooms, delegate attending the meeting is serious attend a lecture, make a speech eagerly query, spent a paragraph of insecurity to enrich happy days.
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