Pen stabbed dispute male tourist hotel waitress

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9 o'clock the night before, traveling from Ningbo to Nanjing 15 visitors stay Yuhua District, Nanjing Jing Li Hotel, Taiwan, the leader of the tourists and hotel front desk attendant in a dispute, both verbal discord, a waitress Holding pen of a male tourist stabbed chest, waving to male tourists down to the ground. Until 1 am yesterday, this dispute under the coordination of the police was able to quell. Scene: tourists and hotel disputes "110 it? Come on people, we female employee was killed ... ..." the day before 9 pm or so, the Nanjing Public Security Bureau received 110 command center suddenly Yuhuatai District Jing Li Hotel attendant to the police. Special Patrol subsequent large Yuhua Team and the district police station more than a dozen police have rushed to the scene. I saw a large lobby, a dozen tourists from Ningbo, is emotionally and quarreling lobby attendants, lay on the ground inside a bar Waitress, was wounded himself, police rushed quickly to the 120 110 emergency center for help, and soon a 120 ambulance arrived and brought the waitress rushed BenQ Hospital. Large number of police will then lose control of the parties under control, to avoid the events to expand, and launched an investigation on this dispute. Visitors: Unable to tolerate rude behavior waitress Bring this dispute, female tourists Ms Cheng said that they line from Ningbo to Nanjing 15 to play, stay the night arranged by the tour guide Li Jing Hotel. Waitress in arranging their front room, shouting loudly in the hall Check the room number of their names, because there are several foreign guests tour, they think it is indecent acts service women, so they express their views to the waiter, who knows two words or not, actually moving from the hand, one Hotel waitress holding pen name Miss Xiang Zheng stabbed her husband to the chest, left chest stabbed her husband to Ada bleeding, her husband out of control emotions, the waitress grabbed by the collar, a wave to the waitress knocked to the ground Suddenly the other attendant alarm the hotel, said the people killed, in fact, but the waitress did not even homeopathy fell to the ground injured. Ms Cheng and her husband stood off the side of a thick sweater, I saw the left chest was bleeding. Hotels: These words are too powerful visitors Disputes in the hotel but there is another side to this speech, a front desk attendant said that these people stay at the hotel on the aggressive speech, hotel room number and check the list of ID card is the stringent requirements of public security departments, they Not wrong. Publicly calling for the lobby of their names, because their large number, can not hear, last resort to do so. Waitress stabbed another male tourist, completely provocative male tourists triggered by the waitress Pen in the air waving, accidentally stabbed his male visitors are not intentional. "We are very angry, a big man, actually the hands of a weak woman, but also its down to the ground, the arrogant behavior of tourists." The waitress said. Police: try to reconcile to quell disturbances To further investigate the truth, Yuhua night the police retrieved surveillance video of the hotel, the surveillance video shows: more than a dozen tourists who check into the hotel, and the desk clerk is a dispute, both sides Hands-on behavior, it was shown to act both very emotional mood, and then taken to the nearby police station to the parties to mediate. Until about 1 o'clock yesterday morning, several hours in police under the mediation of this dispute Was able to quell. The reporter then went to BenQ Hospital, was sent to the waitress by the hospital diagnosis was not right, now finally disposed of this dispute, and Nanjing Yuhua police are investigating the mediation among the tourism sector.