Changshu China Ballpoint Ink King production and sales in the world

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China Writing Instrument Association experts recently made a special trip to the Changshu, Jiangsu Province, for the city and the Austin Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. issued the "China ballpoint ink king" crown, celebrate the annual sales of more than a thousand tons, not only is the first Also in the world. According to reports, the company was founded in 1985, specializing in the processing of ball-point pen ink. At present, the production of more than seventy varieties of ink, the Chinese market share Sichengyishang, ball-point pen ink industry has become integrated Most powerful companies, before also won the "China ballpoint ink brand". Behind this is the introduction of advanced Western technology innovation, in particular cooperation with the University of Nanchang, the formation of "Changshu ink" experimental research and development center, set ink fundamental research and core technology research and development, to speed up Innovation process, in white ink, highlighter ink, marker ink, gel pen ink, inkjet ink pens on the balanced development of materials, create a class of Chinese ink art production line. According to senior sources, the company's future development goal is focus on the world. Then a world-class technology will overcome the difficulties of one kind called "Petroleum products", this technology content of the "in Oil "product-oriented environmental protection, and both the gel pen and ball-point pen to write lubricating fluid writing ink advantages of long shelf life, occupying the world's high-end market.