Ball-point pen: Writing from the more recent the farther away from the arts

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In 1888, an American journalist named John Lauder to design a ball to make use of the pen nib, this is an early ball-point pen, but he could not be made to facilitate people to use the goods. By 1940, India and Hungary Brush factory workers Biro successful proofreading invented the modern ball-point pen, and in July 10, 1943 applied for a patent in 1945, put into the market. Ball-point pen and fountain pen is different because it uses a dry thick inks, printing ink according to Free rotation of the head by the ball pen out of turn with a written paper, so no leakage, the climate, and to write a longer time, eliminating the need to constantly trouble ink perfusion, and soon became popular in the world. After the War, large numbers of U.S. goods into the Chinese market, pens also will be introduced to China. Ball-point pen was expensive, called "ballpoint pen." Because the United States in World War II put the end of two atomic bombs to the Japanese mainland Led to an early surrender of Japan in Shanghai dialect, the "atomic" and "beads," the pronunciation is similar to smart to carry this over Viagra American businessman, taking the "pen" name. Such a downright exotic, for the promotion of knowledge and to meet the public demand for convenient writing, has great significance. In our minds, the pen is a symbol of knowledge - the early years and even been used in China Chest were not a few pen to the extent of knowledge. Pen early in the invention is very expensive, and ordinary working people simply can not afford, this kind of writing tool and cut off from the masses, in fact, represents the knowledge and the public across Absolutely. Invented in the era of ball-point pen, the pen has thrown off its mysterious veil, more and more popular, but not so easy to pen the book - not only from time to time to inject new ink, but also worried about leakage, under special conditions such as high altitude, but also Not free to use. The invention of the ballpoint pen is actually a thorough knowledge sectors of breaking the monopoly of culture and writing, so that all people have the right to write more easily. Ball point pen writing instrument as a new response to the "convenience", "fast" requirement of the times, to meet the more convenient, "writing" requirements. From the brush to the hard brush (pen, ball pen, pencil), writing tools are constantly Improvements, more and more convenient, this is actually the knowledge gradually from the literati into a reflection of the general public, so that common sense and knowledge from ordinary people is getting closer, but also to bring art further and further away. For the pen, and even the hard brush and hard Pen words, it allows each of us from the "calligraphy" are closer to some, but nothing more. China's 2000 years of civilization, to our future generations to leave a lot of these treasures for playing, calligraphy is one. Unique local culture, unique concept created characters, writing tools, constantly updated, together with Appreciation of their study on the literati and literary inheritance and innovation of future generations, and gradually formed a set of unique in the world "calligraphy system." The reason why it is "unique" because no country in the Way of writing the text, tools, the rules and so on have such a strict system and the aesthetic appreciation of a theoretical system, and no country left in the text writing, so many classic examples, for later copy Learning that have been very useful to write up a simple text as a separate art form, called a "law" of the art form. Since it is art, is beyond life, and independent of ordinary people like you and me - most of us, probably all his life only a "calligraphy lovers", and did not touch the leads from start to finish calligraphy hall Path. Not only that, frankly, even the so-called "hard-pen calligraphy" Is not the "calligraphy", in theory, is questionable. In China "calligraphy" in the "pen", "gesture" and "art" of three nuclear Heart concept. "Pen" that each stroke is written testimonies. As we all know, a brush with "hard and soft" parts, there are "length" of the points. According to the former as "Yang Hao," "Langhao" and other distinguished, according to which there are "long front" "center "Different, feel different with different hair brush strokes on paper, refilling different amount, the effect of writing is completely different. This determines the different brush, when writing of the book different, with the center or the front side, and started to write, the pen moves, Received the pen speed and strength point of view, have their own stress to deal with the different ways can produce different styles. "Gesture" is a word within the echo between strokes. Han Yong in "Nine potential," said: "potential to not Only, the potential to not stop. "In the category of calligraphy, each character exists between all the strokes echoed wonderful relationship, which echoes you can not see, but it can be perceived, it exists in a" gas "in the This tone is not connected to the series of strokes together to form a magnificent whole. "Art" is one that works, the relationship between words and word learning. Where where intensive thinning, and even where Where the ink light ink concentration, are all taken into account throughout the learning. The ancients are "the word can plan thinning at the cursory, with dense not to take the air", which is about the beauty of tricks. These three concepts from a stroke of the micro-to macro-painting, the system describes the techniques of Chinese calligraphy and Law, in fact, is precisely with these, "book" can be truly called the "Law." These three are Cents on the brush end, the black color of the shades come, hard brush to embody the word "pen", "gesture" and "art"? Writing in the hard brush, to speak of, no laws. Most of us do, but "Write" it. Bring people to enjoy the ball-point pen to write convenient, away from the "beauty" is the distance.