Alcohol can wash pen oil

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Mothballs to the insole odor: odor insoles, can be crushed into powder moth balls, and then spread evenly under the insole, Caesar once every 10 days. This will allow people who often foot the sweat does not stink. Peel the fruit does not change color: fruit peel, if not immediately after eating, over a period of time, the surface oxidation due to air and become light brown, but when the peeling of fruits soaked in cold water in, you can to prevent oxidation and maintain the original color, but also to make fruit crisp, sweet. Removal of oil pen stains with wine: ball-point pen to get the hands of the oil is difficult if not carefully cleaned, then use an alcohol cotton ball or white coating on the oil pen stains, oil stains will soon be attracted to the pen, then rinse with water that is to wash.