240,000 ball-point pen was intercepted on the eve of the allegedly infringing

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Recently, according to clues, Yiwu City of Industry, Commerce and Industry of the crowded city in the urban areas of law enforcement officers seized a number of law a district warehouse suspected of infringement of registered trademark "NIS" pen. The identification of the allegedly infringing pen, 60 boxes (each box of 4000), total 240,000. Xu, according to the parties accountable, the infringement of her pen at the June 15 trade from the city of Yiwu, buy a business place, put a temporary storage area, ready to be sent to Ghana, Africa sales. Asked the face of law enforcement officers, Xu not only can not provide the legal sale of a valid document was seized ball-point pen, but he kept crying out unfairly. Xu believes that she is the first time to do business, do not know the pen is infringing goods, the business sector should not be punished for her. Finally, the serious business of education personnel, Xu finally realized that as long as the fake goods is illegal, on receiving punishment. Currently, the already crowded city Xu business selling the infringing conduct of the investigation and ballpoint pen.