Then! Free gift just ball pen

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Yesterday afternoon, reporters in the East and the international bridge to see, there is a business is issuing printed "by virtue of bags can be redeemed for gift" bags, many people take bags into the shop, and finally no one received bags multi-function steam iron brush writing, only picking up a pen. When members of the public out there, but carrying a hand brush and a set of multi-function steam iron tea. The members of the public told reporters, multi-function steam iron brush he spent 198 yuan to buy, if broken, within 3 months after-sales service centers for the Haier. Reporter later learned that this building will be dismantled buildings, the business of large shopping malls in the urban area of Lhasa there is no fixed point of sale, and the business center provides after-sales service Tel Haier is the phone number of their own employees. It seems that the tricky one really a lot of people do buy their merchandise, really bad, do not been fooled.