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In recent years china auction, the appreciation range of article room appliance is top, among them Kang Xiqing spends a good deal of canister particularly conspicuous, not only such, the canister of green beautiful your writing of implicative Ming Chongzhen and the pen container with other acting Qing Dynasty also considerably appreciation. This makes clear, as the development of Chinese economy, traditional culture more get the attention of people, and its main carrier -- article room appliance gets of people love to also should be in reason. The Kang Xiqing of the person that above average in pen container spends a good deal of canister to get the angle of people, also indicate beautiful china is in a Kang Xiqing that is underestimated for a long time by the market to restore its due value gradually.

V/arc be on the throne of Kang Xi emperor 61 years, politics a person of wide knowledge and sound scholarship and, culture is prosperous, the production of china developed a height, divide hair palpability enamel colour, famille rose, cowpea is red outside the china that waits for new breed, original blue and white porcelain also developed a new level.

Kangxi blue and white porcelain is Chinese blueness the highest peak on flower history. Clear minor details " Tao Ya " have talk: "Harmony, male two Chao Zhiqing flowers, gai Yuan does not reachcapture health kiln, blueness ining that case spends a kind, kang Qing although not as good as great beauty of Mingqing person, yi Ke with alone pace Yu Benchao. " still say: "The porcelain of the world, with me China for most; Porcelain of my Hua Zhi, it is with Kang Yong most. It is with Kang Yong most..

Kang Xiqing spends so tremendous on Chinese china history achievement behoove to make its can go up in the auction acquire great position, what Dan Ji blames is, under green flower of Yongzheng of its price Yuan Zaiqing and Qianlong. Author statistic in recent years the blue and white porcelain of each sale company implement record, it is foreword with price discretion, before 100 in, besides yuan, bright blue and white porcelain implement outside, qing Qianlong occupied 24, yong Zheng occupied 12, and Kang Xi has 2 only! One the most expensive is Qianlong, for 1345 10 thousand yuan of RMBs, another is 1.15 million yuan of RMBs. Of its value contrast make a person want to be less than really greatly.

Why can the market make such response? Oneself think following reasons create the possibility.

1, what high price sells in clear porcelain at present basically is bottle, honour, coal tub kind, this green flower from Yongzheng and Qianlong can see in costly porcelain. Because Kang Xiqing spends porcelain to be in clear at the beginning of end civilian,the great reputation when is modelled on in great quantities because of this, kiln of each district civilian manufacture in a rough way, and so on of bottle of the what general canister that as a result is modelled on, avalokitesvara, phoenix end bottle, wooden club bottle sheds cloth very wide, and the modelling just of these bottle, canister is Kang Xiqing beautiful porcelain is main implement model. These modelling are fresh when Kang Xi, get the welcome of people, but when coming here, be fulsome however, this is the truth of Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. .
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