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In September, just meet the student terms begins, new term always should have bit of new weather, not only should change new textbook, greatly little writing material also wants " change " , the closest period of time, the consumptive upsurge that gives priority to with stationery swept across Nanjing big market of each big general merchandise, middle and primary school is born is consumptive main force undoubtedly. "Student economy " nod gold month noisy to prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan, upsurge of a commerce comes over already.

Stationery of tendency of the market is become " absolutely brunt "

Concerned data shows, consumer of domestic student things is close 250 million person, year consumption is adjacent 10 billion. Among them purchasing power is the strongest is unripe group of about 200 million middle and primary school, its year defray is as high as nearly 8 billion yuan. To share " student market " this inviting cake, enter in August, the businessman of Nanjing begins to be the opening business chance September to prepare, stationery be the first to be affected.

The reporter understands in interview, the closest period of time, the big market such as small commodities of golden bridge, jade bridge, justice black happens to coincide the ground was started " student things section " , the big market such as north of general merchandise of terminal market of commodity of Xin bridge, Su Ning, Jin Cheng, annulus also is in start business chance of businessman race to control, suffer this stimulation, business door people shipment volume increases quickly. Draw near term begins, be worth Jin Qiao market 16 years to celebrate. The management inside the market door people so busy already that cannot leave hand in. Annual " section of things of student of golden bridge market " spread out in the round recently, it is reported, the privilege that section of current student things rolls out allows benefit activity, before dimensions and strength all exceeded a few. In golden bridge market on the west the culture things hall of the building, the reporter sees, a lot of style distributor hang out of all kinds dozen of conduct propaganda placard that loses sales promotion, among them set of rice strange stationery is whole 8 fold, set of stationery of the cat that add phenanthrene is whole 8 fold, watermelon too man stationery set is whole 6 fold, the intellective stationery Disney 8 of series juvenile products folds Dishini. Compare the satchel at the tradition, section of a few style satchel begins popularity, be like durable mountain-climbing knapsack, the price is in 40-80 yuan between, sexual price is compared tall, love unripely by middle and primary school.

Student spending is carried in the round fast

What stationery sells is hot, make student spending comprehensive carry fast. Besides stationery, the sale outstanding achievement of student number product also all fronts waves red.
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