Peaceful wave enterprise: Of the horn that make a name " renown costar "

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Cold winter encounters in numerous enterprise when, a few enterprises of peaceful wave city however against the wind flies upwards, some realizes gain first half of the year 300 million multivariate, grow 10% compared to the same period; Some enlarges home market to have rate, cost of the production below the circumstance that rises in price in raw material is compared the corresponding period was reduced last year 20% . The newest data of Economic Development Board of kind brook city shows Ning Bo, this year first half of the year, the proportion that the cost expenses of link produces to hold totle drilling cost in economy of this city industry from 87.9% drop 87.5% , 0.4 percent that this drops, was equivalent to generating 150 million yuan profit for the enterprise, 10% what take gross profit of company of whole town dimensions. They accomplish this one step, have excellent plan of He Jin bursa after all? The reporter went to Ning Bo to be interviewed on the spot a few days ago.

In setting a plant opportunely " factory "

"Shen Zhou holds water 20 years to come, never had had so great pressure. " limited company of knitting of peaceful wave Shen Zhou is standing Chen Zhongjing of vise general manager says to the reporter, with 2003, compared 2004, profit space compressed an in part almost, that moment can do 10 one year 100 million, can do 5 now 100 million pretty good. Do the spin business that sticks a card as, shen Zhou's experience has very much representative.

Chen Zhongjing says, shen Zhou and the close close partner that a few transnational corporation build be as close as lips and teeth concern, in establishing a plant " factory " , develop jointly when the market is good, difficulty can be crossed in all when the market is bad. Shen Zhou's former each workshop, already made actor garment warehouse nowadays, be able to bear or endure of the renown horn such as gram, Adidasi " special workshop " . Transnational corporation returns a design system of center, management is direct " installation " in taking a plant " factory " , there am me in you so, there are you in me, conspire to develop. Chen Zhongjing says, current and difficult period, transnational corporation dare not give a few companies that do not know bill, the average company that stick a card also dare not receive the bill with technical content high demand. Accordingly, what Shen Zhou can carry order not only is successional, and it is certain to still have when bargain " speech counterpoises " . In international industry division of labor, what Shen Zhou does is costar, but it is a horn however cannot leave " renown costar " .

Hu Huixiang of vise general manager of snow dragon group tells a reporter, the fittings cooling fan in the car engine that company major produces, plastic cost holds the price about 40% , 50% , the raw material price that rises continuously brings unprecedented concussion to the industry. Be in current and truckload below depreciating big trend, cooling fan raises price far from possibly. Everything stands beforehand. Xue Long is in early 2002 against a rainy day, increased with home the cooperative strength of each big college, institute, borrow " outside head " the project with new development is plastic. Nowadays, import data phase compare with the abroad that is the same as function, new cost of material of Xue Long dropped nearly 20% . This year first half of the year, xue Long is developed and extend new product 26. "The new price that new product belt gives, dissolved the partial pressure that raw material rises not only, and advanced line takes in competition of a person of same business. " Hu Huixiang says.
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