Shanghai makes pen enterprise reproduce elegant demeanour in industrial structur

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Shanghai is base of an old industry, especially Shanghai is light industrial plant business of the system has had a paragraph of brilliant history. But, in last few years as a result of a variety of reasons, many enterprise benefit coast, walk with difficulty, face the situation that involves to stop and turn. Take us limited company is Shanghai ball-pen factory exemple, this enterprise reposes either end of a bridge of the Pu Daqiao austral Pudong new developed area, traffic is convenient, workshop floor area is close 30 thousand M2, 150 people of existing worker. In recent years, as a result of industrial structural adjustment, increase heavy debt load, person of company operation defect the degree of vicious circle. Face such dilemma, industry leader decides rental workshop, carry capital attraction dish the vivid asset that put an amount. Transform old factory building through letting two this years be maintained at the same time at the same time, if bedding face accumulates housetop to build leakage, weigh drainpipe, decorate hallway to wait a moment, already became a typical industrial floor space up to now. At present into what be stationed in already product of instrument home appliance, electron, food considers to wait for medium and small businesses three units, hire income obtained this business 2007 7.12 million yuan, live for the enterprise development lays good economy foundation.

Course of study of our person of the same trade business of a few brother, company of things of happy like book of factory of material of Shanghai stainless steel, Shanghai culture ever because of benefit coast stop production, pack through rebuilding to old factory building, become a beautiful industrial floor space. The old factory building after transforming reproduces elegant demeanour, social status rises greatly, enterprise benefit bandit is shallow. The economic benefits after industrial old factory building rebuilds causes the attention of concerned branch increasingly.

Shanghai is an international metropolitan, in central the city zone this builds industrial building house in specific environment (garden area) , development city industry has advantage of quite a few:

(One) the advantage that downtown the city zone has workshop resource

In last few years, shanghai is mixed in industrial structure, industry structure, company structure, distribution structure labor structure is omnibus in adjustment process, the company with pollution of one part environment, not strong competition ability, or stop production, or change goes to a suburb, downtown the city zone appeared a large number of unused workshop, according to preliminary estimation not less than 10 million M2. These workshop situation are advantageous, the structure is good, the establishment of form a complete set such as water, report, gas, communication is all ready, need to be made slightly only decorate transform, build house of city industry building (garden area) , business of very appropriate city industry is used. Accordingly, make full use of these existing workshop natural resources, attract science and technology model, environmental protection, deep treatment new company is garrisoned, already dish lived to put quantity capital fund, offerred carrier to develop city industry again.
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