Lukewarm city foreign trade exports bright red light to make the industry such a

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"Second borrow " affect foreign trade enterprise, exit forehead is decreased suddenly, export bad Zhang increase sharply, consciousness of the risk below development of high speed of course of study of Chinese foreign trade once more vacancy.

Be put into trouble second borrow the crisis, the United States already weighed disaster area into export business, business of trade of the abroad in be opposite especially.

"Suffer second lend crisis influence, first half of the year, the whole nation that we receive reports a case to the security authorities number is compared the corresponding period grew 125 % last year. The United States erupts second since borrowing the crisis, numerous and Euramerican enterprise encounters difficulty of capital have enough to meet need, among them one part is Euramerican the enterprise exports the risk company shift to China. " when Zhou Yi of chief of agency of lukewarm state of company of Chinese exit credit insurance accepts a reporter to interview, say.

Second borrow the crisis to make rate of American company beak a contract rises. Export statistic of agency of lukewarm state of credit insurance company according to China, came in March 2007 Feburary 2008, the lukewarm city foreign trade that the place accepts exports case signing up for caustic to involve total amount to be eight million seven hundred and ninety-three thousand eight hundred dollar, grew 639% compared to the same period (value of proposal of caustic of newspaper of countrywide the corresponding period increases 250% compared to the same period) . In case of Wen Zhou signing up for caustic, the experience record amount that has 75% comes from the United States. The list is clear by the United States second the economy of main developed country that shifts the crisis to cause puts delay to be being shown ceaselessly to the influence of exit.

Case signing up for caustic grows 639% backside compared to the same period, reflection goes out to fall in big economic environment impact, course of study of Chinese foreign trade especially lukewarm city extroversion enterprise suffers be in debt disturbance is upgrading, and have the power that grow in intensity.

Second borrow the crisis to bring about Wen Zhou " one low one tall " international pulls debtor a list of names posted up 1000 times 5 to go up famous

A series of affected final marry again to arrive to export enterprise itself. The shoe with Wen Zhou kind the enterprise is exemple, buy the home to compare concentration, the United States is main market, as a result of second lend crisis influence, be a burden on the scene bearing of general consumable market of the United States, cause market slow down in demand. According to statistic, range of deficit of look forward to of lukewarm city shoe is compared the corresponding period grew 138 % last year, exit forehead is 0.3 % only with dollar valuation increase rate, if with the RMB computation exports delivery to be worth, portfolio is negative growth actually!
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