Fervent folder will become the Boerte in filestore in August

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Will walked along end in August, but will be destined this in August is blazing. We are held with the success of the Olympic Games, increased to 8 difficult and heavy years not little joy and happy, also showed us to the world at the same time the brilliant history of great motherland and flying development.

In August, since attributes the red-letter day of the Olympic Games and athlete, also be all people that have deep love for motion and peace is big orgiastic. Chinese first time holds the Olympic Games successfully, pick the Number One Scholar that got gold a list of names posted up historicly. Final with 51 gold, the outstanding achievement of 100 medal closes satisfactorily close. It is Chinese team not merely, athlete of other very much country also has a lot of breakthroughs. Make what common people fixes eyes upon have 8 gold winner most Er of rich of new show of Feierpusi and Jamaica track and field is special.

The office things market August also is mixed the Olympic Games competition ground August is euqally fervent. What deserve attention most is the expression of filestore things, among them folder is more unplug so that the head prepares with very preponderance. Of the folder expression this month outstanding, can calls filestore product medium Boerte.

Above all, filestore product attention spends seniority in light of us. From inside chart, we can see folder held absolutely dominant position. Other on product of a list of names posted up all behaves match each other in strength, difference is not very big. "Cubbyhole " , " data book " cent is listed the 2nd with the 3rd. In addition, "File ark " , " archives box " , " calling card book " , " file bag " wait to also have good performance, go up in pop chart all somewhat behead is obtained.

Filestore product attention will spend net of things of Hui Cong office in August seniority

Filestore product attention will spend net of things of Hui Cong office in August seniority

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