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The fluorescent pen with colorific bright-coloured and inviting make public is r

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Fluorescent pen is the does earmark to use pen that goes out newly in last few years enclothes crucial position to make mark with thicker, weaker ink, after making mark, not block holds off literal be clear at a glance. Fluorescent pen has fluorescent agent, it encounters ultraviolet ray (sun's rays, fluorescent lamp, mercuric light is more) when can produce fluorescent effect, give out Bai Guang, make color has the fluorescent feeling of dazzling it seems that thereby.

The fluorescent principle that the fluorescence of fluorescent pen follows our watch, fluorescent club is not same, fluorescent club is reaction of interior happening radioactivity, the ray of generation is aroused outside the fluorescent material of week gives off light, accordingly they do not have the circumstance of any ultraviolet ray to fall to be able to give off light in night. And fluorescent pen has the ability below ultraviolet circumstance certainly meeting fluoresce, this handwriting that you want a fluorescent pen only approachs the light that catch midge (black light lamp) , it is clear that machine of check bank note can look very much.

Below, we recommend the fluorescent pen with a few charge for the making of sth. and very superior quality to everybody.

Pen of 7 colour fluorescence

Pen of 7 colour fluorescence

Recommend a supplier: Guangzhou city paean is industrial limited company

Recommend a product: Pen of 7 colour fluorescence

Product brief introduction: This product has red, yellow, orange, green, violet, shamrock, pink 7 kinds can offer an alternative. (brand - all-purpose; Model - B-6169; Producing area - Guangzhou; Pack - 10 / small box 100 / box of paper of small box 1000/ )

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