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Although small advertisement value is great,39 batches of hoisting jack pull pap

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The advertisement it may be said nowadays is be all-pervasive, live in us all round, the place of eye and can see advertising sign. Nowadays, small ball-pen also became the good carrier that advertisement publicizes. There is one small spring inside the shaft of pen of the advertisement that draw paper, advertisement paper is OK and free adjustable, two sides can presswork design, both neither affects the use of the pen, have the effect that publicizes to advertisement again. And advertisement data capacity is large, the effect is good, can have the effect of aggrandizement advertisement effect more in use process especially, because this this advertisement carrier is had,exceed strong sexual price to compare. Below small make up me to recommend the drawing drawing paper with a few appearances, good function for everybody.

One, Kang Feng pulls paper advertisement pen

Kang Feng pulls paper advertisement pen

Kang Feng pulls paper advertisement pen

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Product name: Pull paper advertisement pen Current price: 0.75 yuan / The smallest order: 20000 raiseOffer goods gross: 500000 hairMoney time: 15 deliver goods inside the daySupply a businessman: Tung cottage Kang Fengwen is provided limited companyMaterial: ABS

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