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Be in a classification of kind of product is medium, desk have a kind of park, can offer the pen that much person uses, the pen is a stage that we weigh. Stage pen, to us, not unfamiliar. Wait to handle official bussiness external in bank, telegraphic postal service hall, post office in the hall, we often see. Its occurrence also is human nature change a service reflect. Also because of such, stage pen also became one of office articles for use that unit of this kind of office basically purchases.

Current pen kind in the market, wait for common product at pencil, ball-pen, pen relatively, the market proportion that stage pen place holds is smaller. But, of the progressively change that consumes an idea as people and consumptive demand increasingly diversification, people is right the demand of stage pen will bigger and bigger. While the demand of people increases ceaselessly, business of stage pen production must improve the character of the product and exterior design hard, only such ability attract more customer.

Below, we introduce a few for everybody we trade the quality in the market is excellent product of pen of stage of rich distinctive.

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Picture origin: Course of study of pen of tung cottage Xue Hua limited company

Product name: Poll stage pen

Current price: The face is discussed

The smallest order: 10000

Offer goods gross: 1000000

Deliver goods deadline: Deliver goods inside 10 days

Seat: Chinese Zhejiang visits Hangzhou town

The product sees a drop: Bottom can be sucked go up in desk, look to standing like a person.