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Cheap and fine lovely craft pen is recommended [group plan]

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Utility is written in the tradition besides, more and more pens kind among the line of sight that the product begins to appear in us as good-looking and amused handicraft. These pens, often was gifted different figure, and distinguish at common pen kind product, the hand points to modelling, animal model, etc.

Today, the author recommends everybody a few byShenzhen city Zhen Longli tastes limited company companyModelling ball-pen product of production. These products not only modelling is elegant, and the price is low, highest also be less than 2 yuan.

The hand points to a pen

The hand points to pen price: 1.35 yuan /

The smallest order a quantity: 10000

The product explains:

5 kinds of hands point to modelling, 5 color choose. Colour and lustre is bright-coloured, cartoon interest is very; Mechanical pen form designs joint human body, let write fluenter. Suit a student to use most.

The product wants to go up guide buy a literary works1Reveal more and outstanding product to land

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