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The pen that learns to write pen word to suit a pen to practice oneself [group p

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The Pelikano Junoir study that specially of gold of benefit of well-known trademark Pelikan100 designs for abecedarian uses Germany pen (the 3rd acting) , its are written fluent, grasp type to be any angle no matter, give water all smooth, the tactility of pen needle is admirable. For Pelikan Pelikano of the 3rd acting pen practices a pen this, a piece of individual full name is added inside, can use argue to know this to practice a pen be an individual exclusive; The part collects open mode window in the center of pen body, can inform ink to use the rate of authentic at any time. Human body labour learns grasp a design, the easy that promotion writes is measurable, body of pen of simple sense of 4 transparent jelly, your person fondles admiringly.

We recommend everybody today a few byLimited company of trade of Shanghai vasting river The pen product of production that is used technically at practicing writing.

Product brief introduction:

·The pen is long: Make an appointment with 12.8 centimeter.

·Diameter: Make an appointment with 1.2 centimeter.

·Material is qualitative: Plastic pen body / steel simple pen point.

·Nib dimension: A is pointed (degree of finish uprights between F and M) .

·Go up Chinese ink means: Block conduit of type Chinese ink

·Pen body color: 4 (blue / yellow / green / red)

The 3rd generation practices P67A pen (red)

The 3rd generation practices P67A pen (red) the price: 79.9 yuan

P460? Blue F of pen of be used to is pointed

P460 practices pointed price of pen blue F: 79.9 yuan

The product wants to go up guide buy a literary works1Reveal more and outstanding product to land

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