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Careful and high grade pen commends do manual work [group plan]

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The report says " the line of sight that the pen had faded out of people " . For all that, the pen still is having the place that cannot replace in our life.

We give everybody introduction two excellent pens today.

The first: Pen of set of time of youth of German ONLINE- left-hander. Come fromLimited company of trade of Shanghai vasting river.

Pen of set of left-hander youth time

Pen of set of left-hander youth time

Product introduction: European nowadays is the most popular as former as modern German brand Online outfit imports pen of ability in swimming. Write fluent, fast not dry; Ink is used end, still can buy ink blocking type additionally to be in charge of permanent add to use. Designs for left-hander pen, ''Seventies'' series, indicative ''17 year old the green vigor of '' , the ''Be Happy'' that powdery blue fastens, the design of style of the similar Pop that pat general designs the "Love Your Baby" with pink orange "Eyes" , quite invite the pen group with lovely happy event!

Goods news

. The pen when closing a lid is long: Make an appointment with 14.5 centimeter.

. The pen is in charge of a diameter: Make an appointment with 1.1 centimeter.   

. Pen canal material is qualitative: Plastic.   

. Pen pen point: L / steel is qualitative.

. Go up Chinese ink means: Block conduit of type Chinese ink

The product wants to go up guide buy a literary works1Reveal more and outstanding product to land

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