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Environmental protection office is little not pen of high grade and avirulent fl

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[Hui Cong does general articles for use] Fluorescent pen is used high grade and plastic make with fluorescent pen core, environmental protection feels effect without any poison, shaft becomes streamline form design, integral modelling very beautiful, pillow hand place has balata to cover a design, feel is especially other and comfortable.

The pen core color of fluorescent pen interior is yellow of gules, green, blue, orange, fluorescence respectively the color such as green, pink designs yellow, fluorescence, write rise exceedingly fluent, font still can have fluorescent effect, accordingly fluorescent pen already was one of optimal writing material that contemporary office, advertisement designs, below small the fluorescent pen that invents me to recommend cheap of price of a few qualitative actor to everybody lays the individual that has demand or the enterprise is purchased, think wholesale friend also can be contacted with the manufacturer below of course.

One, LY1102 of Lang Yiying smooth pen

The price: 0.66 yuan /

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Supply a businessman: Lukewarm city Lang Yiwen has limited company

Lang Yi

LY1102 of Lang Yiying smooth pen

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LY1102 of Lang Yiying smooth penGrow 135.9MM, 19.2MM of the biggest diameter, ink content 3.5ML, write length 55M, knife of 5*31-4.3*12.5 of nib size ¢ , the pen weighs 14.7G.

LY1102 of Lang Yiying smooth penExterior vogue, novel, at present the businessman is holding favourable activity, the price only 0.66 yuan / , it is inviting very, interested friend takes phone and Wenzhou Lang Yiwen to provide limited company to contact rapidly please, lest miss good opportunity.

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