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Write high grade pencil to recommend chicly [group plan]

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Pencil dispute often writes a tool importantly, can divide by property and utility for black lead pencil, color pencil, special type pencil 3 kinds. Today, we recommend a few to compare distinctive pencil for everybody.

Recommend a supplier: Limited company of trade of Shanghai vasting river

Pencil of CLASSIC series sketch

Price of pencil of CLASSIC series sketch: 99 yuan

This tasting is European nowadays most popularity and modern German brand Kaweco install entrance sketch pencil formerly. KAWECO classical series, black, blue dichromatic, extremely brief easy exterior, fashionable the classical pen that tens of carrying; Facilitate the short pen body that carry is KAWECO provides one of representative pen funds.

The product explains:

·The pen is long: Make an appointment with 10.5 centimeter.

·The pen is in charge of a diameter: Make an appointment with 1.3 centimeter.

·Pen canal material is qualitative: Plastic ABS.

·Pen core norms: Dia.3.2mm X 80mm.

·Pen body colour: Blue / black


Galaxy of LAMY ALSTAR constant lists pencil

Product introduction: Galaxy of LAMY ALSTAR constant is listed, pen body is made with completely aluminous metal, streamline appearance and the simple sense that wash refine, sufficient dash forward the character that shows human body labour to learn, this characteristic depends on front be transparent pen carapace, can be clear about see the part inside the pen, original design, suffer a youth extensively quite love.

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