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A of the Su Dongpo of home of painting and calligraphy with famous Northen Song Dynasty " have words world already Jing, bend of ability to write of 3 rivers billow " show a brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy of freely of style of writing the picture of 10 thousand machine. Our country ancient time, in the four treasures of the study " pen " head the list, stressed the importance of the pen. In nowadays society the pen has important real sense more.

One, pencil.

Common pencil has two kinds, it is the pencil that secures pencil core with lumber; It is a pencil core load the mobile pencil with long and thin and plastic portable pipe. No matter be what kind of pencil,its core part uses pencil core namely. By black lead sophisticate certain proportional clay makes pencil core, enter clay when mix into relatively hardness of core of pencil of a long time increases, the mark on the pen has d of H a r head write alphabetical H. Conversely criterion the scale of black lead increases, hardness is reduced, black increases, the mark on the pen has k of c of B l A head write alphabetical B. Children study, write the HB grade pencil of applicable soft hard moderate, plot is commonly used 6 H pencil, and pencil of 2 B, 6 B is commonly used at the picture.

2, pen.

The pen that the special type steeliness that alloy of i of the C r that the ability to write of the pen contains 10 % of 5 % ~ with each, N comprises becomes. Chrome-nickel steel corrosion resistance is strong, oxidize not easily, it is a kind of stainless steel, one kind is in in the pen is dip in by ability to write ink uses call pen; Another kind is to connect appliance to have unit of ink of keep in storage now, the tap water pen of nib flows when writing. The ability to write of the pen is alloy steel, pen head is most advanced it is to use what machine make friends goes out to facilitate used circle bead body. The corrosion resistance of this kinds of pen can be good, but wear-resisting function owes beautiful.

3, gold fountain pen

Gold fountain pen is the alloy that ability to write uses gold, nib uses the advanced fountain pen that the alloy of iridium makes. The gold fountain pen that our country produces has two kinds, , it is the u58 that contain A. 33 % , a g20. 835 % , c u 20. 835 % says normally for 14 K; Another it is the u that contain A 50 % , a925 % , cu25 % common says 5 into gold, also weigh 12 K. Prolonged of gold fountain pen wear-resisting, it is particularly good to write the flexibility when strong, book writes fluent, corrosion resistance, it is a kind of very good good drawing.

4, iridium-point pen.

The in written form of iridium-point pen also is made with stainless steel, to change the wear-resisting property of pen head, reason carries bead of gold of the iridium on the dot to call iridium-point pen to distinguish a pen in needle of ability to write. This have better corrosion resistance and flexibility already, still have the characteristic with durable economy, welcome by broad consumer. It is the crop in our country fountain pen the pen with most, the widest sale.
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