Business uses noise pollution of screen of printer NO-NOIS technology

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Stay in the office long, office gens often can feel be perturbed enrages impetuous, the expert points out, these symptoms may be concerned with office low noise, when running like a few common printer, give out continuously " buzz " sound. And these low noise endanger modern office gens just about healthy invisible killer.

It is reported, the noise problem of printer already became the issue that office gens cannot ignore. More and more enterprises already began when printer of choose and buy conciously risk of avoid noise pollution. Have quiet tone technology " green " the place in the heart that printer already became a lot of office public figures thinks. And the reporter understands from professional personage, there already was outstanding technology to be able to solve this one problem on the market at present. Resemble the technology of NO-NOIS Jing Yin of SamSung printer original creation, already can solve printer successfully to fall problem of a confusion of voices.

Printer causes office low noise pollution to not allow small gaze

Average person may think, office work environment is relatively quiet, should do not have noise pollution. However in fact, the expert points out, quiet office environment is exterior phenomenon only, as the OA gain ground, inside a lot of office building be full of low noise pollution for a long time, if print the sound of machine movement,wait. The expert points out, these low noise are ignored very easily, but the harm that they bring human body however not and inferior Yu Jiang noise.

According to introducing, with respect to office environment character, normally the sound when people talks normally is the office 50dB, and the noise that a common printer produces is in commonly 51db comes 53db, that is to say if an office places a printer only, the noise of the generation when then it runs also can press the sound when covering people says. More what is more,the rather that in most office environment, often much stage printer works at the same time. The noise decibel that its will make can imagine. And want to know, a person works for long to fall in the environment of noise, not only can affect work efficiency, can endanger health of body and mind for a long time even. Be opposite especially for employee of a few pregnant woman, the harm is to not allow to ignore more.

Technology of SamSung printer NO-NOIS creates quiet office environment

Printer falls the issue that a confusion of voices already became no time to delay to office gens, and the reporter understands, at present many manufacturers already began those who be aimed at printer to fall problem of a confusion of voices undertook relevant technology considers to mix improve. The NO-NOIS technology that resembles SamSung printer among them had captured this one difficult problem, can realize utmost ground to reduce noise pollution, build for office personage give a kind of quiet and easy office environment.

It is reported, the principle of technology of SamSung NO-NOIS quiet tone is, what engine of general chromatic laser printer uses is carbon powder box and into resemble rousing the method that turns at the same time to turn the carbolic pink of 4 kinds of color imprint resemble be being roused, and the engine of the technology of NO-NOIS Jing Yin of SamSung original creation uses fixed carbon powder box, turn only resemble rousing what can finish carbolic pink namely to turn imprint. When decreasing to use so, be opposite a series of problems such as drive of carbolic powder box, control, because this can control noise effectively.
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