Oneself start work the laser printer is common breakdown settles way

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Laser printer as most office device uses in the office, with its the outstanding quality that print and the efficient speed that print, brought for our routine a lot of advantage and quick. Among the job that surpasses everything between present tense, of the laser printer make full use of the necessary job technical ability that made standard profession staff. Although the business looks very small, use so simple issue everybody distains to be considered. But, was to arrive to use it really when, it goes on strike not to work, often can create a lot of obstacle to the job. Often laser printer occurrence problem, what we think of the first times is to search manufacturer or technical personnel gets help or handling breakdown issue. Nevertheless, in awaiting those who maintain a service, big time also is wasted for nothing. You had thought, we ourselves can solve a little little problem, observe an analysis through mine, major hitch is the operation because of the person that use error or maintain carelessly the trouble that the machine causes, press so " take temporary solution wants an effect a permanent cure " principle, let us search from germ.

The installation of selenium beat and deposit

Selenium beat is the important part in the laser printer, affect printed quality directly. To the installation that selenium rouses, should rouse selenium first take out from inside the bag that pack, take out sealing strip (attention: Must take out sealing strip completely. I once had had did not take out sealing strip and print the experience that does not come out) , the axes that rouses with selenium again is axial roll, in making black white is roused in selenium, distributing even, can make the quality that print rises so. According to the laser printer above indicative graphic tutorial one step by step installation reachs the designated position can. Save to what selenium rouses, in the packing bag that should keep selenium strike existence to first wife, save below normal temperature can. Be sure to keep in mind not to make sunshine direct insolate Selenium beat, can affect the service life that selenium rouses directly otherwise.

The method of processing paperboard

The mistake of paperboard is very common to the office output equipment such as printer. Having two kinds of reasons is the key that causes paperboard. One kind is the problem of the paper that print, paper can produce constant change according to office environment. Beyond the mark moisture and beyond the mark and dry metropolis create the paperboard problem that paper brings. Still have even if ageing of component of printer rub paper is too dirty perhaps cause. Of course, the method that avoid also is some, before the printing paper that opens a bag newly puts printer, we can use printer after hand break up, it is to print paper to part adequately forcibly equably, it may not be a bad idea the electrostatic purify in itself paper. Wipe trimming with the hand when placing paper smooth, the scrip that use card blocks paper both sides closely, do not enter paper unit to place the overmuch paper that print in printer, the paper that print is exposed not always in office environment, avoid paperboard effectively.
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