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The printer on market, no matter be ink jet,printing still is a laser printer, the closest perhaps arisen gush candle is printed and LED prints a technology, in function the respect can have a such term: The resolution that print. The user that understands printer a little may say, the resolution that print has been jumped over higher, although the truth is pretty good, but not be to apply to all tasks that print in the center, the author is solved for everybody today about printer resolution this term.

The resolution that print also can call printout resolution, general we are understandable the quality that is printout and the definition that print, its definition is transverse when printout and fore-and-aft two direction those who go up to be able to be printed every inches make much check the number, the unit is Dpi(dotperinch) , nod namely / inch. What the highest resolution that general printer indicates points to is the biggest resolution that printer place prints, namely every inches maximum check the number.

Specific for, the resolution that print includes fore-and-aft and transverse two direction, will look from the principle of printer, the laser printer is in fore-and-aft with transverse output resolution is basic and same, if the user wants to undertake modulatory, also can accomplish; And ink jet printer is in fore-and-aft differ with transverse resolution very big, for instance 4800*1200dpi, those who point to is printer is in the printing check the number of transverse respect 4800, it is in the check the number of fore-and-aft respect 1200. What need a specification additionally is the resolution that print and the dimension of the width of cloth that print, dimension that the dot that print is apart from and prints also having very big concern, in the dimension that print same situation falls, the dot is apart from smaller, resolution is higher.

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Of course, the resolution of printer is higher, the effect of output is better, the precision that print is taller. Print the task to what differ nevertheless for, also want to install the corresponding resolution that print, if for the printer to pure output text, 600dpi can show the fine quality that print already completely; For the user of the documentation that prints quality to printing the high accuracy such as image, photograph, CAD, need the higher resolution that print, the picture that uses daily e.g. us is printed, the color with its more rich need and tonal, so 600dpi cannot be satisfied far, the resolution of the photograph printer of the mainstream is 4800*1200dpi now, aipusheng's resolution is 720dpi, love the mainstream photograph printer with unripe general, for instance love general gives birth to R1390, the resolution of A3 width of cloth is 5760*1440dpi.