Experience shares: Use ink box should note 3 problems

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In recent years, development of ink jet printer is very rapid, already made the main trend of market of family expenses printer, its core component -- regular meeting of the classics in the process that ink box is using appears such or in that way problem, basically be to print shower nozzle to be jammed by Chinese ink be soiled, brought worry and inconvenience to the user. Choose correctly

Brand ink box must be chosen when choosing ink box, because brand ink box has quality to assure, former outfit ink box is admittedly very good, but its price is compared commonly costly, average household consumer often bears hard. Nowadays, the quality of current ink box and technology have card of home made product very big rise, with former outfit ink box a few indiscriminate, and the 60%-70% that price is former outfit ink box only.

Of ink box maintain the problem basically is centered in ink and nozzle. The ink dosage of ink jet printer is opposite for it is bigger, using longer later, ink is mixed to nozzle print the image that come out to be affected somewhat. Of nozzle work for long the appears quality that wears away to piled up to also affect the image that print with Chinese ink be soiled. So, what inky chooses correctly and make in order to reachs spray head is correct maintain, it is the key that prolongs ink jet printer and ink box service life. In use process, want to be after mount new ink box commonly, clean the head that print first, can be in remain so the former ink inside nozzle is abluent, avoid new knowledge and former ink to produce chemical reaction to produce Chinese ink be soiled, as a result jams nozzle. The printer that if be HP and beautiful,can wait for ink box to carry spray head oneself is OK leave out cleans the spray orifice that print this already trival waste inky formalities again. If the ink in ink box is gone later, you consider the managing cost that print, use fill installs ink, such doing, as good as at drink poison to quench thirst-seek temporary relief regardless of the consequences, although also can be used with the ink that lower price buys, but endangered printer greatly however " healthy " . Above all quality of fill outfit inky cannot assure, chemical composition is not stabilized and likelihood and water of the rest Yuan Mo produce chemical reaction, generate poisonous chemical component to endanger environment and the health of the person that use. Next fill installs inky viscosity, the physical function such as density and former ink are disparate, can appear when print stem nozzle, break chromatic and Chinese ink, much Chinese ink, flabby wait for phenomenon of the blemish that print surely, affect printed quality and printed rate badly. Additional, when ink box out of service after period of time, the other that rudimental ink will erode printer is relevant the systematic component of couplet, if the balata building a pen with the server produces chemical reaction, corrode a lid the electric conduction that pen glue, oxidation comprises the head that print piece etc, make whole printer loses his to print function, affect the service life of printer. Attentive " caress "
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