Inky of ink jet of the UV in digital spray paint uses a trend

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In today's digital spray paint, two the most popular topics, one is the occurrence of the spray paint machine of printing ink of UV of solidify of ultraviolet light of use environmental protection, another is inky of paint of spray of ability in swimming applies quickly, the use that goes up in ethylene material especially.

In the industry will use water-solubility about machine of paint of platform type spray, of solvent sex, oily or the controversy that printing ink of ultraviolet solidify UV had had a lot of. The spray paint machine of use reel material, apparent ground or knowledge of ability in swimming are very likely when printing less document, solvent sex ink is printing a quantity much and prevail when old width of cloth, oily ink is opposite for be used lesser. Everybody thinks opportunity of paint of platform type spray is potential also is such- - but in fact wrong.

In spray paint, ink recipe stylist and manufacturer home often are safeguarded in the nozzle when spray paint (the demand works slow) close with medium roll (the requirement is wash-and-wear) there is difference on processing. Chinese ink of ability in swimming is original dry very slow, manufacturer of printing ink production often still adds a few wetter for instance glycerine or glycol in order to defer dry career, prevent ink to jam nozzle, so this kind of ink can pass the medium of mixture ink jet of use high quality to get the product of high accuracy only. These products to manufacturer home not be very cheap, because although from apparently look, also not be plain paper, however multilayer compound. Oily to using inky for spray paint machine, medium demand is very high, because of oil kind won't evaporate, medium must can absorb all oil kind composition.

We are making do not doing sensitive paper of cloth of glue scroll, mesh, pressure solvent sex often is used when spray paint ink, these medium did not absorb the grass-roots unit of printing ink dissolvent. Fortunately system of a lot of dissolvent suits not to do glue stuff especially, not dry glue is polymeric can absorb one part dissolvent. Good spray head is safeguarded often have at least in the composition of requirement printing ink a few volatile is qualitative, those who make is not easy and dry. Normally, the dissolvent of a lot of tall productivity opportunity that print as far as possible the impression with little use more expensive band perhaps besmears beforehand the professional medium of material. Printer manufacturer often around setting warm-up roller, postheat roller, platen these problems have dry perhaps unit research.

Wraparound rise, when undertaking be operatinged actually to the spray paint machine of most today use reel material, we rely on the character of special medium to absorb all rudimental liquids, or warm-up or postheat medium. Once be in on the horniness material that cannot draw when spray paint, these methods are trashy. This is why we predict in network investigation application of inky of ink jet of solidify of UV ultraviolet ray will stabilize growth (the main reason that exceeded 180%) 2003.
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