Intellectual role: Stationery overview

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Stationery is the floorboard of the culture things such as pen, Chinese ink, paper, inkstone. Contemporary paraphrase should point to the commonly used a few contemporary stationery inside the office: Sign pen, a stiff-haired writing brush, pen, pencil, ball-pen; And the things of form a complete set such as pen container. Other office things still includes: Office uses envelope of bag of paper, paper knife, feet, jotter, file, file, calculator to wait.

Stationery industry is China light industrial an industry with industrial the the rapiddest, most perfect development. Size of Chinese stationery market already broke through a RMB 100 billion yuan, in recent years pace of stationery market development all is in 10% above, as the development of domestic economy, of group purchasing power rise, will more the development that accelerates stationery industry. Business of a lot of big production of foreign enterprise stationery, agency stops in succession home market, took a fancy to the consumptive market perspective with Chinese wide stationery just about.

Annual the stationery trade fair of international, home is light industrial perhaps product exhibition, join the domestic stationery business that postpone not to issue 1000, the stationery industry that China makes is showing the world with gorgeous and colorful attitude. International stationery market shows the characteristic of diversification in recent years, dimensions of Russian stationery market is in 1.2 billion to 1.5 billion dollar between, year average increase rate is controlled to 40 % in 20 % . The stationery sort of extensive demand makes an appointment with Russia 1000 reach 3000 kinds. Main type is Spanish stationery upriver stationery, gift stationery. Of market of Hungarian stationery import most a large amount of import a day to be a pen kind, its import the forehead to always import 30 % of the forehead more than. American stationery paper tastes all along is retail market is important one annulus, hold gift total sale 1/4, more ceaseless raise promotes sale.