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To the parent, domestic home hopes children will have a bright future, look at female Cheng Feng, education grabs as a child, no matter the child has what kind of demand, can satisfy as far as possible. The eye of children is full of Tong Zhen and curiosity, in their brain replete the thing of all sorts of all kinds of strange things, to

Those strange things can want understand, want to contact.

While we care an adult to consume the market, some oversight teenage consumptive demand, student things consumes market backwater not before, still be in big from change, indiscriminate, without the individual character, condition that does not have a brand, also accordingly, teenage spending market appeared huge is vacant, the old brand that is badly in need of a standardization will replace. Begin to cause the attention of businessmen ceaselessly in recent years, new brand emerges in endlessly, these new brands are developing vogue adequately to change individuation, resemble Dr. Q such old brand, it is the fashionable Xin Rui in becoming student key point more, beg new, the products plan that requests different earns sufficient the eyeball of children.

Be in China, 200 million is born in school middle and primary school more, this 200 million huge spending markets, if press average per capita to consume 1 yuan, amount also is considerable. The key consumable of the children of this phase is study things, resemble a pen, this these are easy the stationery that use up, present children are righter at the same time those special stationery are having strong interest.

Dr. Q accompanies ding of 8 years of New Year and come, brought come from Hong Kong and Taiwan, the inspiration of day Han is designed, dr. Q stationery moves free figure to be main design style with cartoon, writing case, rubber is brushed, watercolour pen, jotter, sporting goods, student act the role ofing is tasted, gift, beneficial wisdom kind toy, DIY is beautiful art, craft of Tao Yi, picture art, clone, horticultural, number, these new outfit and DIY craft, drawing the look of children deeply. And every kinds of product has a few kinds of pattern, cartoon modelling novelty is lovely, your children fondle admiringly.

These products are the product of Dr. Q form that passes those who come from day of Han to move scale of elaborate design of free Great Master, their collective place is the appearance that having cruel of lively, vogue, cruel. Dr. Q already at imperceptible thorough the heart of children, because of careful do manual work, stationery of Dr. Q cartoon made core standard of consumption, a lot of function that also having because of its, make retail prices promotion multiple, the cartoon modelling of Dr. Q popularity gifted the value with culture new articles for use. Raised culture to use those who taste an industry to contain Troy thereby, promoted profit the space.

Dr. Q delivered a toy the writing material that turn, after combining stationery and toy look, children the curiosity to Dr. Q more dense, the phenomenon that demands exceeds supply via often can appearing. Some children are redemptive beautiful Dr. Q stationery, the children beside also begin in succession follow, this is the curiosity of children, to strange thing have strongly desire. Investigation shows, imprint have cartoon elegant design, lovely stationery is more absorbing, the psychological characteristic that accords with a student to be given priority to with thinking in images and the psychology that love the United States. Built a bigger business chance for the businessman.
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