The ball-pen that goes up except clothings opportunely is oily

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Warm water of immerge of place of 1. general besmirch (40 ℃ ) use benzene or dip in with cotton group benzene rub is washed, wash with scour next, clear water (Wen Shui) strong clean.

2. soaks besmirch to be in with cold water, wipe mop gently with 4 chloridize carbon or acetone, reoccupy scour is washed, wen Shuichong is clean.

When 3. smear is deeper, can wipe with benzine first, the alcohol rub of 95% brushs reoccupy, if still be put vestigial, still need to be cleaned with bleaching powder. Add soap with toothpaste finally gently knead, reoccupy clear water is strong clean. But forbidden with boiled water bubble.