Intellectual role: New-style function pen introduces

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Environmental protection pen:

Raw material comes from natural plant resource, the rice starch that use jade is made, litter does not cause any impact to the environment

Mobile pencil:

Pushbutton type is more previously, newest design is passed jolty or pushbutton comes adjustable lead core, even some designs press button of type big toe into the horizontal stroke, very convenient.

Be good at hold a pen:

Design to need the public figure that writes for long especially. Depend on showing the part that hold a pen uses balata bursa pen; The pen body of waist drum form is designed but save labour 40% , reduce a book to keep pressure greatly, alleviate muscle is fatigue.

Fight bacterium pen:

One kind when pen body uses cries " Zeomic " the material that fight bacterium, already packed as wholesome as medical treatment domain to obtain self-identity in food, pen body does not touch bacterium and poisonous bacterium.

But biochemistry decomposes a pen:

What what use is new-style dissoluble plastic, stable like wood and paper below dry environment, changeless form. But if by embedded is fecund and damp clay in, or in water intrusion, can decompose naturally.

Data inputs a pen:

Use at electronic begin to remember things and personal computer to wait, the nib of special design won't delimit the surface of beautiful screen and other equipment, the other one aspect of the matter of the pen is added held ball-point pen.

Alter pen:

Small way is jolty, grasp pen body to press nib gently to undertake well and truly modification, some still can be used together with rule, pen point is special.