Intellectual role: Calculator history

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[Hui Cong manages network of general articles for use] Speak of a calculator, those who be worth our pride is, the earliest computation tool is born in China.

The tool of a kind of computation that Chinese ancient time uses the earliest makes plan strategy, be called to calculate again chip. This kind calculates chip multi-purpose bamboo is made, useful also wood, animal bone acts as of material. About 270 a bundle, put in hop-pocket to be able to be carried.

The reckoning by the abacus that still using till today dish, it is another invention in domain of tool of computation of Chinese ancient time, the reckoning by the abacus when bright generation dish already with contemporary reckoning by the abacus dish almost identical.

At the beginning of 17 centuries, the computational tool of western country had greater progress, napier invents British mathematician " Napier calculates chip " , british priest Aoquede invented cylinder logarithm slide rule, this kind of slide rule can be done not only add decrease by except, operation of power, evolution, can calculate trigonometric function even, exponential function and logarithm function, these computational tools drove the development of the calculator not only, also laid good foundation for contemporary calculator development, become modern society to use extensive computational tool.