4 great skill teach you how stationery of safety of choose and buy

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Student things installs countrywide mark to will be about to be carried out formally on April 1, as the parent you, how to know to identify, does the choose and buy learn articles for use safely? If your heart is medium,still be in feel uncertain, be about to look seriously downward.

One, stationery, for example box of plot feet, pen cannot hairiness edge, burr, otherwise easy cut hand. For example the cap of pen box is not smooth, be not bought.

2, exercise this, too white operation cannot be bought originally, because the likelihood is added,have a large number of fluorescent brightening gent.

3, rubber, best choice does not have fragrance. Alter fluid should choose to did not prick nose odour. Sweet rubber often needs to add other part, the possibility that harmful material exceeds bid is a bit larger! The alter fluid with pungent odour may contain the harmful material such as the benzene of excessive, the child uses meeting influence health for a long time.

4, use a pen daily, should search look for the cap of a pen to go up to whether have breathe freely a gap that perhaps leaves. Because breathe freely,the gap that the mouth perhaps leaves basically is to be used after preventing lid of the cap of a pen to go up, the atmospheric pressure of inside and outside is different, the cap of a pen is played come out person. The gap that if did not breathe freely,the mouth perhaps leaves does not want to buy.

Altogether, pick writing material to the student, want as far as possible exterior of choice facial expression is a bit simpler, fragrance is a bit less. And do not allow to choose those model by the be fond of of dot the stationery with peculiar, tangy aroma. Ask you for the child's health be sure to 窂 writes down mind.