The research history of electronic paper

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The research of electronic paper and electronic Chinese ink is developed, already had taken 20 many year up to now. In 20 centuries 70 time, the company below Japanese pine published electrophoresis to demonstrate a skill above all, apply happy company to already also began to consider at that time, the common electrophoresis that excogitates at first however shows as a result of existence not life weak point, stable, color changes a lot of weakness such as difficulty, the experiment ever was interrupted for a time. 20 centuries end, american E-Ink company (it is company of You Lang dispatch, the company that Motolora company and company of several venture capital investment established 1997 to develop electronic paper) used electrophoresis technology to invent electrophoresis printing ink (call an electron ink again) , promoted the development of this technology greatly. Current, shi Le, Kodak, 3M, Toshiba, Motolora, beautiful can, the world-famous company such as light of Aipusheng, manage, IBM is in sortie electron paper.

The research of electronic paper and electronic Chinese ink and development, basically can divide for:

·1975, PARC researcher NickSheridon of Shi Le takes the lead in advancing the idea of electronic paper and electronic Chinese ink.

·In April 1996, the shellfish Er lab of MIT produces the prototype that gives electronic paper successfully.

·In April 1997, e-Ink holds water, study an electronic paper is commercial with all one's strength. In May 1999, e-Ink rolls out what the name is Immedia to be used at paper of outdoors advertising electron.

·November 2000, american E-Ink and company of bright message science and technology (LucentTechnologies) announces formally to already developed a success Zhang Ke's curly the first electron paper and electronic Chinese ink.

·In May 2001, e-Ink and ToppanPrinting cooperate, announce to use the filter lens technology of Toppan, produce chromatic electron paper.

·In June 2001, e-Ink announces to roll out "Ink-h-Motion" technology again, can show the activity is video on electronic paper. In the meantime, macy of large department store announces, the billboard inside inn uses SmartPaper.

·The international book of the Tokyo that held in March 2002 is exhibited on, appeared paper of electron of the first piece of color.

IBM is rolled out " electronic newspaper "

Perhaps you did not realize, "Electronic paper " enter the life of people to had had a lot of years. For example, the incorporate that magnetic card of card of mobile phone SIM and subway is paper of two kinds of electrons -- it is data, OK that they can be recorded be relapsed to brush write and read take. With respect to the mainest character, without what they and traditional paper are different. In fact, of electronic paper original and budding come to replace the goal of traditional paper namely.

Controlled 1999, IBM is in the United States exhibited in the biggest newspaper exhibition " electronic newspaper " model (the problem pursues and pursue 1) . On the technology, it is " electronic matrix " , the indication principle difference with liquid crystal is not big. In this model of IBM, read was embedded an electron shows a layer among splint, depend on the content that inputs beforehand, the user can show through this electron the layer reads all sorts of characters and picture news.
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