Heroic pen brand develops course

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1931, the factory of gold fountain pen of predecessor China inspire confidence in sb of factory of heroic gold fountain pen was born, formed the rudiment of manufacturing industry of Shanghai fountain pen. It is in the old China of semi-feudal, semi-colony a few cases a few fall, cross of all previous classics, the manufacturing industry open up that hardships ground is Chinese fountain pen road. Joint state-private ownership is passed after new China holds water, the enterprise had very great progress on production, technology and enterprise dimensions.

1958, heroic person with its renown Wen Xia nears at that time " get right on the job innovates " spirit was lifted " hero " drive " the clique is overcome " upsurge, the technique that adopts entire factory worker tackles key problem, came true finally to overtake " the clique is overcome " target, was born " hero 100 model " this fist product, sell well a few years, last long; Also overtake in this just about in the world's advanced course, aroused honorary feeling of the worker, formed " innovation of modest and academic, get right on the job, ceaseless overtake, of the win honour for that it is a country " hero " spirit. Come a few years, heroic person is casting this nation brand with this kind of spirit from beginning to end, in the product each domains such as innovation of development, technology, production management go in the front of the industry. Come for years, heroic pen by generation the consumer self-identity of another generation, the product has been obtained for many times name of product of actor of national silver medal, ministry, city actor and successive many " Jin Qiao award " " the most satisfactory product " wait for a title, "Hero " obtain " Chinese well-known logo " title, become one of figure delegates of Chinese fountain pen stage by stage. Factory of heroic gold fountain pen is famous in likewise global, take the lead in becoming light industrial industry first country one stage business, have the honor to win quality of Shanghai, light industry ministry to run preeminent company for many times, continue to hold a title early or late Shanghai civilization unit " 10 Lian Guan " , mix when Shanghai national light industry bureau " image of business of 10 beautiful industry " unit, Shanghai " abide by contract, plain of be as good as one's word " unit name, be led by seat of government of country and Shanghai municipal Party committee, city take seriously and show loving care for. Li Xiannian of deceased state chairman is enterprise epigraph; "Protect ethical industry, development international market " , annulus of Li Rui of chairman of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, before Shanghai mayor Wang Daohan, before secretary of Shanghai municipal Party committee, show Huang Ju of secretary of municipal Party committee of Wu Bangguo of Vice Prime Minister of complete the State Council, Shanghai leader of etc city, department surveys a company early or late, right " hero " development gave important instruction, right " hero " will express a hope tomorrow.
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