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Heroic pen brand develops course

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The later period in 80 time, as domestic and international pen kind the competitive posture of the market and development, factory of heroic gold fountain pen undertook bigger adjustment to product structure, by in cheap give priority to in changing direction high-grade give priority to. On the premise that promotes a product immanent quality, production value rate maintains new product to be controlled in 45 % from beginning to end. Lay the view at the same time international market, enter to act vigorously of international famous brand. At the beginning of 90 time, after factory of heroic gold fountain pen obtains the self-supporting imports and exports that the country awards formally to counterpoise, exit is achieved collect year after year to rise, in last few years year all export achieve collect above of 10 million dollar, sell as far as to 60 many countries.

December 2000, trade of the classics outside by country appoint approval, established Shanghai hero light industry to taste company of imports and exports, extend international market infuse further for the hero vigor. On the international market, be made on a lot of worlds and sale pen kind the famous transnational corporation of the product has been approbated " hero " the credit of the brand and actual strength, wait for each respect to spread out collaboration in treatment of products plan, commerce. Pay attention to design and formative design further, in retain the international on the foundation of original people characteristic conforms, change to art, gift is changed, high-quality goods changes direction to develop. Pay attention to develop new class, new breed, product category becomes 7 by 2 original development, in the alternant period of new old century, in the process that participates in market competition, heroic person faces the new challenge of globalization of the economy below new condition, heroic person is mixed with heroic spirit fight, be built ceaselessly and enhance oneself core competition ability, advocate " the innovation mind with the spirit respecting property that brave carries responsibility, group spirit that good faith cooperates, brilliant pursuit " company culture, guide a worker to be thrown new round do poineering work in. In the process that conforms with international further, the product makes technology and craft go up to absorb new tide element ceaselessly, retain at the same time ethical characteristic, form distinctive color. It is for example in a few design processes of high-grade pen, the palace that retained rich people trait selects snail technology, and absorbed abroad's advanced surface to decorate craft on the exterior, great master alone a person's mind used entrance raw material, promoted the case of the product wither and additional cost greatly. In sale respect to get used to the trend of market globalization, build sale network actively, be in only the whole nation each are big the city built branch of 10 big sales, shop is established in mansion of big city, big business, compete with the stage with world-renowned brand, and company of heroic culture things is built in abroad, the culture things that can produce local place to need already serves as window of a commerce to carry on again foreign trade business.
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