Factory of heroic gold fountain pen introduces

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Factory of heroic gold fountain pen held water in October 1931, the technology making a pen that heavy pasture wears more than 70 years, process capability and practice experience, it is one of professional production companies that China controls pen industry to implement scale most. The factory change that the enterprise already produced fountain pen from sheet is production the many class production that pen of plot of pencil of pen of fountain pen, ball-pen, treasure bead, neuter pen, activity, industry, computer uses pen and things of other and relevant culture, sale.

Comply with the tide of reforming and opening, factory of heroic gold fountain pen alters the plant of Shanghai hero gold fountain pen after making limited company, have equipment of the professional technology that make a pen, treatment and technical qualified personnel, administrator, the company is had " hero " card China well-known logo. The company digests introduced international ceaselessly advanced processing technique, products plan shows originality, choose makings fastidious, design is original, craft is delicate, device rigor, write fluent, feeling times add.

The company already was built and perfected the production that gets used to market regulation and management sale system, with ISO9001:2000 quality run a system, insist to be with the market oriented, quality is essential, production of ﹑ of mechanism of development of ceaseless and perfect new product reacts venture of mechanism ﹑ sale contracts quickly mechanism, make the home market of the company is had rate (sum kind of product) control is in 50% the left and right sides, the product exports the 60 many countries such as southeast Asia of ﹑ of European ﹑ North America and area.

Company product regards a country as ceremony money for many times send international friendly country head and athletic valiant fighter, serve as what the country weighs activity of important matter Wu to sign pen. If Hong Kong was returned to 1997, macao was returned to 1999, china joins WTO to wait.