High grade result from pen of 100 benefit gold appreciates the motive

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[Hui Cong manages network of general articles for use] The earliest initiative 1838 German Han Nuowei, pelikan is Europe Gulemona is of the royal blood what took over 1883 and found. Pelikan is one kind " pelican " , the familial badge that also is Gulemona is written down. Pelikan100 benefit gold this is impress, with accurate technology, and the spirit with the research with rigorous Germany and perfect pursuit, cast the highest grade in giving the pen that fills artistic life.

Pelikan100 benefit gold was made 1929 give the first to have the pen that does not own patent at system of the Chinese ink on general piston, what affirm with your person with convenient price is high quality, obtain very quickly greatly in the market reputably and gain a success.

Pelikan100 benefit gold is in the most inchoate product with nib icy and durable, sail upstream structural nicety qualitative actor is celebrated, such product characteristic did not change up to now. Even if is price par, special design gives the study that abecedarian uses the pen, in nib, grasp also very exquisite, write going up is to maintain Pelikan100 interest more the fluent feeling with golden consistent pen, what gold of visible Pelikan100 benefit is making a pen go up is dedicated with the intention.

Pelikan100 benefit gold is dedicated from beginning to end at the a bittest detail, the book of Pelikan100 benefit gold writes a tool to already became the associate that reliance is worth most in daily life, more in each important and special moment acts important role. 100 benefit gold is in the following product in September 2008 22 - 24 days, trade fair of 102 culture things and international make pen stationery exposition go up new the item on display that roll out.

The clique overcomes high-quality goods pen

Pen of high-quality goods of 100 benefit gold

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