Hua Feng: Rely on appeal to extend domestic stationery market

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[Hui Cong manages network of general articles for use] September 2008 22 - 24 days, trade fair of 102 culture things and international make pen stationery exposition be in Shanghai new international reads extensively the center is begun ceremoniously. Hui Cong does net of general articles for use to regard trade family status as the website, paying close attention to the development of stationery all the time.

Office things net is opposite Hui Cong current exhibit can undertake whole journey direct seeding, bring for you exhibit meeting information newly. It is net of things of Hui Cong office below to Shenzhen city the special interview of general manager of limited company of Hua Feng electron Mr Sun Shengyang.

Hui Cong manages network of general articles for use: Ask Sun Zong manager to introduce this ginseng to exhibit above all what product to basically bring? What characteristic is there?

Sun Shengyang: Join the patent product that postpones the new development that basically brings a few our companies this, flashy pen is the patent of our company, of domestic initiate, when you write it is met glisten. Still have pen of a few appeal additionally, for example Dishini shakes his head pen, Dishini kaleidoscope pen, Dishini rotates pen, Dishini is flashy a few our patent products such as writing case. The company develops appeal ball-pen of production independently.

Dishini appeal glitter pen

Dishini appeal glitter pen

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Hui Cong manages network of general articles for use: Are these products basically sold what area to go to?

Sun Shengyang: Basically be abroad, world each district.

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