Classics of one-time a stiff-haired writing brush does not rise " " use consumer

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One-time a stiff-haired writing brush is replaced often the pen of ink lets a person feel convenient really, also own particular market share in stationery market. But, in be used actually, many a stiff-haired writing brush often are connected " " did not give out " die young " , such " short-lived " the quality problem that a stiff-haired writing brush reflects and the waste that create from this make consumer feels helpless.

In recent years, use handy one-time a stiff-haired writing brush to get increasingly the favour of broad consumer, have the tendency that replaces pen, ball-pen greatly, leak cheaply, not easily with price (Chinese ink) water is very fast race to control not small market share. The reporter is in the urban district each stationery management inn sees, the one-time a stiff-haired writing brush with original model is in good drawing kind in took the market of 80% almost. According to managing a businessman Mr Zhang introduces, for pen of opposite Yu Gang, ball-pen, the occurrence of one-time a stiff-haired writing brush is good drawing industry differentiates afresh really of market share " revolution " , it from " be born " the market share after is climbed ceaselessly litre, student market, office things market is primary now the world that is one-time a stiff-haired writing brush.

But the use of one-time a stiff-haired writing brush lets person nest heart. Director of office of a company tells a reporter, one-time a stiff-haired writing brush need not ink is really convenient, they buy be bought when stationery things even if tens of raising every time, but discovering this kind of a stiff-haired writing brush later is very " enervated " , writing sometimes writing, ability to write one crooked, the roundlet of pen core bead dropped, just used before long a pen " discard as useless " . Still have, the pen that is put in the desktop sometimes drops go to the fields, write a word to appeared desultory circumstance, make popular feeling irritated, be obliged to change again. A few high school students that write line of business with a stiff-haired writing brush also say, some a stiff-haired writing brush are not to give water to give water too slow namely too fast, affected writing speed and result. Changed pen core newly to be being used still go, but appear again for some time too write slack phenomenon, so classmates in satchel took generally more than an a stiff-haired writing brush. Concerned personage thinks at this point, the quality that how enhances one-time a stiff-haired writing brush should cause the attention of manufacturer home, the wasteful phenomenon that discards as useless in order to avoid pen core use unfinished happens.