Tung cottage casts 120 million yuan to give aid to control the traditional indus

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Come day after day, the staff member drives bureau of trade of classics of county of cottage of Zhejiang province tung to local tung gentleman respectively and other places of the street, town that divide water, horizontal bourg, the knitting to here, make the enterprise such as the pen publicize place to just make what come on stage surely " a certain number of opinions that develop about supporting traditional industry " wait for policy. Since this year, because suffer the multiple element effect such as change of international trade situation, the health of industry of convention of tung cottage county is stabilized and develop continuously encountered huge difficulty and challenge. Develop difficulty to help a tradition produce an enterprise to overshoot, implementation can grow continuously, government of cottage county Party committee, county made tung publish multinomial and favourable policy surely continuously, increase pair of traditional industries further give aid to strength.

Make bag of spin of pen, needle, dress, box, skin a few big traditional industries that etc is tung cottage all the time, also be common people economy of place and careless root economy. These traditional industries issue a course to develop more for long in the social condition with tung peculiar cottage, have work concentrated model, extroversion depend on sb or sth for existence spends characteristic of taller, lump bright wait for a characteristic, for tung cottage socioeconomy development made important contribution. Up to 2007, these traditional industries occupy local industry to sell production value " half of country " , taxation occupies 38%% , inducted the labour force of entire county 2/3. Appreciate as the RMB in recent years however, raw material rises in price, labor cost raises, the sources of energy is in short supply wait for adverse element influence, these traditional estate development of tung cottage are immersed in trough gradually. "Especially since this year, although these traditional property production value still are in,grow, but speed puts delay apparently. " bureau of trade of classics of tung cottage county the staff member cited a case for the reporter, before enterprise of knitting of 4 bibcock of local some the sum ever reached year of sale production value for a time 1 billion yuan, but predict to have 500 million yuan only this year.

Face so adverse development situation, government of tung cottage county Party committee, county adjusts train of thought quickly, from this year the bottom will begin in August, came on stage continuously " a certain number of opinions that develop about supporting traditional industry " , " the opinion that about promoting me further prefectural foreign trade can develop continuously " , " the compensatory opinion that develops about supporting industrial economy " wait for 3 policy, encourage and support traditional estate development. "These 3 policy give aid to to traditional industry strength is very great, doorsills of a lot of promotive measure award are very low, promotive forehead is spent very tall however. " the staff member tells bureau of trade of classics of tung cottage county the reporter, for example is in " a certain number of opinions that develop about supporting traditional industry " in, local regulation is right needle spin, make the traditional industry such as the pen manufacturing company wants to purchase only or introduce domestic and international advanced equipment, all can press purchase equipment real value (deduct drawback money) 25%% award, and need ability to change investment to achieve 2 million yuan of above before, among them equipment throws not less than 70%% ability to enjoy such policy; Additional, the regulation is returned in the opinion, enterprise of above of the dimensions in traditional industry in those days value added tax of put in storage and enterprise income tax take prefectural part, with gain was base 2007, amplitude is in of 15%% less than reward a company by 50%% ; Exceed 15%% reward a company by 100%% , this policy is more unprecedented.
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