"Steel strokes " be being admitted by market of painting and calligraphy

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On September 20, strokes of the 3rd steel of countrywide exhibits by a definite date to kick off in Tianjin museum, after two exhibitions of afterwards Changsha and Xi'an, the pen painter that comes from and other places of Hunan, Tianjin, Xi'an, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Henan and Hong Kong, Taiwan, essayist and collect lover to build up again Tianjin.

This second in more than 300 exhibiting work, have 2 meters already how long gigantic a steel strokes work, have 35 more Mi Changjuan, also have small small work to quarto, have sketchy steel strokes of a Chinese character already among them, also have careful steel strokes of a Chinese character, still craft decorates picture of pen of steel strokes, cartoon to wait. The work that various, connotation abounds class draws the outline of the new atmosphere that Chinese steel strokes develops flourishingly for the audience, still bring an audience at the same time a lot of amazed with plaint.

If the pen draws a last a period of time of Li Yu radical 7 years a of scale 35 meters long, 0.4 meters wide " Hunan river verve pursues " , it is home the steel strokes that appears first grows a work, exhibition spot still draws many interest that conceal the home, but final him painter was not abandoned must move. " Hunan river verve pursues " the landscape view that represented painter native place, first have 1.3 meters only, do not stop in what draw the parent to amount to 7 years in creation, as picture scroll outspread, if cabinet of Du Fu river, Ma Wang piles totem pole,wait for urban new condition also on appear vividly paper. And this " Hunan river verve pursues " the nature that the worst place also is between Yu Jing and scene joins. According to the author Li Yu radical introduces, in creation he used the technique of montage, undertake from different distance and angle group receive, the place when making its produce each setting to exist alone does not have some meanings. In addition, of scale of raise of Heilongjiang painter Xu " future is like bright and beautiful " very wonderful also, 9 elephant in the picture are lifelike, appear vividly go up at paper, vivid and natural, a bit does not have the curt feeling of pen line.

As we have learned, steel strokes is the picture plants an older west, pass into China close already hundred years, as a kind the picture of high grade, high value is planted be being paid close attention to by people place gradually. Li Yu radical expresses, at present a lot of people include a few artists and artistic essayist to still lack proper understanding to steel strokes, think steel strokes is a kind of instrument that makes a design, can draw and so on of bit of textbook small plate, comic only, cannot enter the hall of elegance. Actually otherwise, the pen draws law of ability of be particular about and matting, give a person with very strong vision wallop, be in abroad very welcome. And sponsorring the end that just holds this art exhibition is to want to let more people are known and understand a pen to draw.
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