"Steel strokes " be being admitted by market of painting and calligraphy

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In recent years, the high-quality goods with ceaseless valuable emerge in large numbers mixes steel strokes work gigantic make, li Qiang of painter of Hong Kong pen gives birth to Ceng Yu to was in Beijing China 2006 art gallery has held individual art exhibition, its item on display is sold one sky. His work " the Gu Cheng of morning · phoenix of river of a small bay in a river " clinch a deal with the high price of 312000 yuan of Hongkong dollar in harbor auction. What gentleman of Li Yu radical creates is long roll " Hunan river scene takes superior view " also ever the foreign trader bids tens of 10 thousand yuan. Pen-and-ink market is in from south to north arisen, as a kind new picture is planted also be being admitted by place of market of painting and calligraphy, cause broad entrepreneur to throw more interest and attention.

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